Strength (Str)
Endurance (End)
Agility (Agi)
Mind (Mnd)
Perception (Per)
Friendship (Fsp)

Choose one to be your Strong Trait. This is the one you excel in. Its score is 6.
Choose two to be your Good Traits. These are the ones you are pretty good at. Their scores are both 5.
The rest are your Normal Traits. These ones you are about as good at as anypony else. Their scores are all 4.
You may have an Amazing Trait. This is determined by your Attributes, which are explained below. If you have an Amazing Trait, its score is 7.
You may also have a Weak Trait. This is also determined by your Attributes, which are explained below. If you have a Weak Trait, its score is 3.

Descriptions of Traits:

Strength: How strong you are. This is used to make physical attacks, to lift heavy objects, to break things, or to jump high.
Endurance: Your Hit Points (HP) are determined by End. Also, if something makes a physical attack against you, you may make an End roll to determine how much damage is negated.
Agility: Determines movement speed and feats of finesse.
Mind: Determines magical ability, whether using magic or defending against magic. Also determines Magic Points (MP).
Perception: Determines how easily you spot things.
Friendship: Used to make new friends and influence ponies, and also determines how many Tokens of Friendship you begin with at the start of the Encounter.

In addition to Str, End, Agi, Mnd, and Fsp, you also have a Wealth Trait. All ponies start with a Wealth score of 6. However, certain attributes can increase or decrease this score. As you purchase items during an Encounter, your wealth score decreases. However, at the start of your next Encounter it will have returned to normal. See Items for a description of how Wealth works.


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